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Galvanized flat steel merchants have also accelerated the return of funds

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Release time:2020-10-24

The transaction situation of galvanized flat steel has not improved, so the local cold-rolled market prices are still running steadily at this stage. In terms of inventory, the current Shougang resources of various merchants are very sufficient, and Tiantie's resources are relatively small. Some specifications of Angang's box plates are in short supply. Therefore, the overall inventory of the market remains at a normal level. To sum up, it is expected that the Tianjin cold rolled market prices may continue to operate stably in the near future. Steel traders complained about loans and other financing this year. The end of the month is approaching, and local merchants are still strong in their shipments. Some large inventory traders have increased their efforts to withdraw funds to reduce the relatively high price of small warehouse resources to the level of large warehouse resources. This is also a helpless move. In addition, merchants have stepped up the promotion of the day's payment.
 After the price rose slightly, it shrank compared to the previous one. The whole market was in a situation of "not going high, not going low". All the way to Friday, prices returned to consolidation. Specific to today's market performance, the quotations of the leading local brands Shente and Xicheng were flat in the morning, and dealers did not adjust significantly. The wire rods ran smoothly and the coils were relatively strong. As far as the current situation is concerned, considering the slow replenishment of resources in the later period, many merchants have no willingness to fall, but the downstream procurement is not very accepting of the current price, the transaction is not followed up, and the price lacks the motivation to continue to rise.
 Market funds are becoming more and more tight, and galvanized flat steel merchants have also accelerated the return of funds, and there is a certain preferential space in actual sales. At present, the resources are still large and the inventory structure is not very reasonable, which also prompts the merchants to increase the sales of low alloy. However, merchants also said that the current market resource concentration is relatively high, and the early arrival cost is not very low, and there is not much room for price reduction. It is expected that the plate price in Chongqing area may consolidate next week.

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