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Angle steel

Angle steel is a kind of carbon structural steel for building. It's a simple type of steel. Mainly used for metal components and workshop frame. Good solderability, plastic deformation property and certain mechanical strength are needed in use. The raw material of angle steel is low carbon square billets. The finished angle steel is transported in hot rolling, normalizing or hot rolling state.

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Product details

Angle Steel, commonly known as angle steel, is by the two sides of the long steel angle perpendicular to each other with the specification of side length and side thickness. At present the domestic angle steel specification is 2 ~ (20) , the same angle steel has 27 kinds of different side thicknesses according to the side length centimeter number. Actual dimensions and edge thickness marked on both sides of imported angle steel and related standards. Generally speaking, the angle steel with side length more than 12.5 cm is larger, the angle steel with side length 12.5ー5 cm is smaller, and the angle steel with side length less than 5 cm is smaller.


Production Process
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