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H-beam rolling process characteristics

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Release time:2020-10-27

H-shaped steel is a kind of steel used in the construction of beams or columns used in civil engineering. H-shaped steel has the advantages of strong bending ability in all directions, simple construction, cost saving, and light structure. It has been commonly used. The following will show you the rolling process of H-beams. The rolling process of H-beams and H-beams is very simple to understand. The simplest is the rolling of the left and right rolls.
H-beams have the same name, like An H letter, how is the complicated style of steel rolled and produced? This requires a special rolling technique, which we call pass rolling.

How is H-beam rolled into rough billet billet? The two-roll billeting machine with a pass is rolled into an H shape. The red part in the figure below is the cross-sectional style of the billet after a relative pass position. The second and third holes from left to right are one The die is the same, and one of them is a spare hole at the time of production. The

follow-up demand of the rolling mill is to use the all-round rolling mill to produce qualified H-beams. There is only one type, let's use a simplified diagram to see what the rolling of the all-round mill is like.


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